Sunday, August 8, 2010

Page One - 'An Introduction'

Welcome. If you’re reading this, then my blog has already surpassed all expectations I had for it.

One reader down, many more to go…

This is an introduction of sorts. Sorry if I do all the talking; I find it unbearable to sit by a keyboard without touching it.

For the purposes of this blog, I shall be known only as ‘The Writer’ (I know, how positively boring and unoriginal. T-T) since I haven’t yet decided on a pen name, and my real name is both private, and bleh.

There are a few things you should know about me… First, and most importantly (aside from my being a Christian, of course <3) I am a writer. That fact overshadows almost anything else you could know about me.

Yes, I am a writer. You know what this means. My hands are perpetually ink-stained - If they aren’t, it means I’m either procrastinating or using a keyboard - and there’s a bump on my right middle finger from where I hold my pen. I carry around a ridiculous amount of books, notebooks, and sketchbooks due to an overwhelming but undiagnosed case of thaasophobia (fear of boredom).

I have too many people in my head, which the people outside my head don’t always understand. I have a tendency to daydream, carrying myself off to worlds of the future and worlds of my own imagination, where characters struggle, and I struggle to write down the accounts of their magnificent fights.

Certain things keep showing up in my stories, again and again, no matter what fantasy or sci-fi plot I’m working on. Government, kings, and queens (both corrupt and stable, but mostly the former). Secrets, lies, misconceptions. War, legends, heroes… And tunnels. All of these are relatively normal things to keep showing up in books, except for maybe the last one. I’m not exactly sure why, but for some reason my characters just always end up sneaking around in underground tunnels, caves, and caverns…

My mind can spark at just about anything. And a lot of these sparks fly off and flame up into stories.

I don’t have anything published yet, sad to say… But it’s always been part of the plan. The main obstacle in this plan is me. However, after years of failed attempts and long ‘breaks’, I’m finally starting to overcome that obstacle! I’m actually begun to finish significantly long and planned out novels!

Edit them? Not so much.

Right now I have many plots, many half-finished novels, a few finished rough drafts I’m rather excited about… I just need to sit down and edit, and prepare to actually try to get my stuff out there.

I feel like I’m closer than I’ve ever been. Closer to actually trying to act on doing the things I’ve always talked about.

Closer to my dreams, my schemes, and hopefully my career.

I am a writer. But the main part of my writing has yet to begin.

This is the prologue of my story. Stick around for the rest.

-The Writer

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  1. LOL. I have a bump on my right middle finger too. *high 5!