Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look at This Thing I'm Doing #1: YA/MG Fantasy Reading Challenge

                I’m a bit late signing up for this, but that’s alright because anyone can sign up at any point in the year. In fact, you should go sign up. Right now. Here.
                Brought to us courtesy of thebookcellarx, this challenge is to ‘read and review ten YA/MG fantasy books that come out at any point in 2012.’
                Why participate?
  •                 If you love fantasy like I do, but sometimes miss the memo about grand books until they’ve been out for a couple years, this is your (our) chance to get on the ball. There’s even a handy spreadsheet available with lists of fantasy books coming out this year.
  •                 If you link to your reviews each month, you’ll be entered in giveaways. In which you could be given free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
  •                 If you’re interested in reading reviews of upcoming books, and/or comparing your opinions with other readers, then you could consider this one big book club.
  •                 If you were going to read at least ten fantasy books this year anyhow, why wouldn’t you join?
                Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some reading to do. :)
                But first—
                Amanda the Aspiring
                Kayla Anne
                I’ll probably contact you tomorrow when it’s not approximately past my bedtime, otherwise e-mail me what you’d like to be reviewed (a short story or the first chapter of a novel) at probloguewriter(AT)mail2world(DOT)com.
                Are you participating in the Fantasy Reading Challenge? Any other challenges? What books coming out in 2012 are you excited for?

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