Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post-Hiatus List of THINGS

Okay, so I did that thing where I forget the blogging world exists. And, like last time, it lasted almost exactly one month. And like last time, I believe it happened because I've been participating in a NaNoWriMo-related event. Last time, it was NaNoWriMo. This time, Script Frenzy.

But considering my comic book script died on day... four? It really shouldn't  have affected my blogging sched--

--So, anyway!

I'm back. I'm still busy with a whole slew of things related to graduating high school, but I am back. In the near future I'll have some book reviews going up (Storybound, Nightspell, and The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom) along with some actual posts related to writing! I promise.

And if these actual posts fail to happen, I hereby give all my followers permission to slap me with assorted unpleasant objects (for example, fish, shovels, walruses, etc.).

Lurkers who with to participate in any potential slap-fests are encouraged to follow. ;)

Now then. The bad news is, my script died. I quite quickly realized that I did not want to write a script in April, despite what I thought all through March. Instead, I wanted to work on my novel.

So I did, a bit. I've been exchanging chapters with my fabulous critique partner, I've had a few more of those world-shaking epiphanies that I tend to get every time I start thinking "No way this series' plot could possibly get any more intricate!" Also, I might be getting a crocheted doll of one of my characters from a lady in my writers' group. *is super excited at this possibility*

I've also made some goals for the coming months. Failure to meet these goals may also be acceptable grounds for smacking me.

  1. I will finish my current WIP (a rewrite) by the end of May. This will mean writing NaNo style, but I'd really like to get it done so that I'll be all set up for...
  2. Camp NaNoWriMo: June. I've got an outline of a Middle Grade novel just waiting to be explored. It involves living gargoyles, a boy who talks to pigeons, and a little girl with a bag of twenty tricks. And I'll be happy to get it on paper. Quickly. XD And when it's over, I should have just enough time to get ready for...
  3. Camp NaNoWriMo: August. I've had another idea knocking about in my head for a while. Not sure if it's MG or YA yet, but I like this idea, and I think it's got potential.

Oh, yeah, and there will also be more exchanges with my critique partners, a writer's conference this summer, and uh-- oh yeah, COLLEGE. o.o Which starts in the fall. And I am terrified to find out how that's going to affect my posting schedule. *gulp*

Well. There you have it. Where I've been, what I'll be doing, and what penalties you'll be able to give me if I decide to fail at life some more...

I think that covers everything for now. :)


  1. *slaps with raw chicken, a la Monty Python* I'd love a crocheted doll. XD You must post pictures if/when you get it!

    That's really cool that you have a writer's group and critique partner. Are they helpful? I'm a bit wary of seeking out writing groups in case it turns out to be wishy-washy "Yes I love love your story, now say that you love love my story too".

    1. Well, see, I've had mixed experiences.

      I've been exchanging critiques with people since I was pretty young, just online, and I think that's really helped me to develop my writing.

      Our 'official' writer's group, which meets once a month, is more of the wishy-washy variety. Hazards of living in a small rural town is that often the only writers who show up are old people working on memoirs and a bit of poetry, etc. -_- Which is alright, but... Once I tried to offer a little critique, and the lady basically said she doesn't WANT critique. At all. So... Yeah. *sigh* Our fantasy base is growing, though! Out of the 10 or so who've been meeting regularly, there's me, a seventh grader, a lady who self-published her novel, and that lady's husband. And I have fun with those peeps. ^^

      Anyway, I LOVE my critique partner (and not just 'cause she might see this post. ;)). We've been exchanging chapters, like I said. We each find a TON of things to comment on, and already we've found that we look at things in very different ways, which helps draw out certain problems in our stories that we may have missed ourselves. I think if you find someone who IS willing to point out the tough parts, along with the good, critique partners are a great way to go. We actually exchanged some shorter things before we made it 'official', so maybe that would be a way to find out if something will work? :)

  2. Aww golly gee…you's making me blush. XD

    *prepares slapping implements* Not that I'm priming you for failure, of course. *cough* Henyway…good luck! ^_^ Semi-related to your possible crocheted doll character, my friend promised to draw my characters, manga style, for Christmas/birthday presents. My birthday was in late February, and I haven't seen any of these drawings yet, but…she'll get to them eventually, lol.