Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First Blogging Award?! 8D

What’s this? An award?! *-*

Oh, my. This is so… So unexpected.

Really, it is. XD I still consider myself a baby blog, so the fact that Claudie A. decided to link to me is… Well. It’s quite flattering. >.<

Thanks, Claudie!

Now, I’m going to make this post quick and then try to get the next Character’s Class Schedule post typed out (since this ‘recess’ is growing a bit prolonged). But first, there seems to be some business to attend to…

(Note: Claudie answered pre-given questions on her post accepting this award, but I’ve also seen where the winner gives seven random facts about themselves. I think I’m going to do that. ^^)


1.       I have an uncanny ability to predict happenings/endings of movies and books, as described here. My family is not as appreciative of this talent as I am.

2.       I’ve been a participant of NaNoWriMo since I was about eleven or twelve, and for the past two years have been meeting the 50,000 word goal in 15 days. This past November, I took advantage of the pace to write two novels. Simultaneously. One is awful. The other is on my Revision desk. :)

3.       I am a pastor’s daughter. The kind that doesn't really swear, or smoke, or drink, or engage in the other stuff that 'rebellious' pastors' kids are allegedly supposed to do. XD I won't shun someone offendedly if they do these things, but... I, personally, have no desire to. *shrug*

4.       I have written at least four or five novels, but none have moved beyond a tentative amount of revision (which I hope to fix in the case of the aforementioned NaNo novel). I’ve also written a number of short stories, some better than others, and one of them in particular I might look into submitting somewhere. To something. We’ll see. XD

5.       Tunnels always show up in my stories. No idea why. The same thing happens with kings and queens, government and politics in general, couriers, ambassadors, etc… But I still can’t figure out what it is about tunnels that show up in everything I write. *sigh*

6.       I am an American. I am 99% Dutch (but can’t speak a word). I’m in Spanish 3 at school. And I love, love, love manga and Japanese music, which I listen to online all the time.

7.       I fluctuate between being very shy, and very  not shy. In real life especially.

                Now, as for blogs I follow and highly recommend (AKA, passing on the award)…

                The Bookshelf Muse: A fabulous resource for emotions, body language, settings, and all the other stuff that we writers sometimes struggle to think up. (

                The Last Word: The oft-hilarious C.J. Redwine fills her blog with guest authors, giveaways, and Sporks of Doom. I recommend you check it out. :) (

                J.A. Lynn: Her blog may be new, but after connecting with her on Twitter we’ve already had some great discussions, and I’m already enjoying her insightful blog posts. :) (

                Now, off to type out that Character’s Class Schedule entry. ^^


  1. Congrats on the award, Silent! I keep telling you you deserve the attention!

  2. What I deserve is a kick in the pants to get writing. Distracting social networking sites are distracting. XD

  3. ::jawdrop:: You're awesome for linking to me!

    Congratulations on your award! That's awesome!

    I'm off to start hitting my gmail account for not notifying me of your new blog posts lately...