Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog! (Contest/Prizes!)

Well, ladies and gents. It’s been a year since the Introduction. I was still calling myself ‘The Writer’ *facepalm* and had very little clue of what I wanted to do with this blog. The url was *headdesk*

                I’d never had a blog before, but I liked the idea…

                And now, a year later, I’ve been keeping up with weekly updates for a couple months now (has it been months? XD). I’ve changed the url to something that doesn’t have ‘blog’ in it three times. I’ve figured out that I want this blog to be for all writers as they live out the prologue of their own career, instead of just me. Hopefully the posts have been more helpful recently, and someone is getting something out of this blog. ;)

                I currently have nine lovely followers, and recently one’s been commenting! (Shoutout to you, Tanya. ;))

                Okay. It’s still a baby blog at this point. XD

                But I’d like to do something to thank everyone who’s been keeping up with me, whether they’ve been around from the start or just stumbled onto it recently.

                So, it’s giveaway time!

                Unfortunately, I’m poor and have zero connections. But I’m not a bad critic, if I do say so myself, (plus, feedback is always a good thing) and I dabble in doodling and artsy things like that…

                So, everyone who comments on this post will be entered in a lottery, and depending how many entries I get, the first/second name(s) I draw will have their choice of the following:

·         A Review of a short story

·         A Review of the first chapter of a novel

·         A Thank You Sketch of some sort

·         A Sketch Attempt at drawing one of your characters (A description will need to be provided for this, and I make no promises that you’ll like it, but I’ll do my best. XD)

I'm not sure it will work to link to reviews I've done on Young Writers Society, but I can link you to my sparsely-updated DeviantArt account, so you can see approximately what level my artwork is at. XD Don't forget to click my 'Scrapbook'. There are a couple of things there, too... Yeah. I haven't updated my DeviantArt account much. XD

Sound good? Hope so, cause I’m kind of excited about it, myself. ;)

Methinks I’ll leave this post open to comments for a week, and then I’ll close it and draw the winner(s) names.

As for what needs to be in the comment… Whatever you want! Thanks, Critiques, suggestions as to how I can make this blog better in the coming year, your favorite post or a reason that this blog has ruined your life… XD I don’t care what it is. You could copy/paste a selection from Lord of the Rings, and it would still get you entered in the drawing.

Looking forward to see how this contest works. ^^

Good luck! :)


  1. Woohoo! My very own personal shoutout! *is blessed*

    And of course I want into this thing! Yay!

  2. If it's a contest, count me in. I have a homing beacon for these sorts of things. Oh and Tanya referred me. Do I get extra points? :D

    (Hey fellow YWSer! It's Baywolf. Of a sort.)

  3. Lol, welcome! ^^ And, I don't know about extra points... But if things continue this way, I might just say that anyone who comments gets a review or a sketch. XD

  4. "as they live out the prologue of their own career"....I wish it wasn't the truth, but it is.

    (I'm McMourning on YWS, by the way. Nice to meet you.)

  5. We all gotta start somewhere, eh? XD Thanks for commenting!

    I'm tentatively saying that the contest will end on the 16th, which means that if you post at 11:59 PM on August 15, you're still eligible.

  6. Now, I was behind the hedge this evening on the Road west of Bree, when four hobbits came out of the Downlands. I need not repeat all that they said to old Bombadil or to one another, but one thing interested me. Please remember, said one of them, that the name Baggins must not be mentioned. I am Mr. Underhill, if any name must be given. That interested me so much that I followed them here. I slipped over the gate just behind them. Maybe Mr. Baggins has an honest reason for leaving his name behind; but if so, I should advise him and his friends to be more careful.

    Can you believe the spell-check doesn't accept "hobbits"?

  7. You have no idea how much I was hoping that someone would do exactly what you have just done. XD

    And no. That's unbelievable. XD

  8. "as they live out the prologue of their own career"

    I also wish this wasn't the truth, as I have never been a fan of prologues. xD

    Also, I don't know how I managed to overlook that you have a real life blog since I follow you on both YWS and Tumblr, but it happened. The good news is that I will no longer be overlooking :)