Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winners! -- 2011 Blog Birthday Contest

Thank you to the five entrants. ^^ That's the highest number of comments I've received on one post, to be honest, and it feels good to know someone's reading. ;)

The winner is...


And, really, who could deserve it more? My first consistent commenter, always supportive, enthusiastic, and friendly. Congratulations. ^^

I also drew for second place. The prize is exactly the same as the prize for first place. XD


Come on down! ^^

Tanya (borntobeawriter), and McMourning, I'll be contacting you on Young Writers Society as well as here, so you'll be able to comment either here or there and tell me what you'd like your prize to be.

Again, your options are...

· A Review of a short story

· A Review of the first chapter of a novel

· A Thank You Sketch of some sort

· A Sketch Attempt at drawing one of your characters (A description will need to be provided for this, and I make no promises that you’ll like it, but I’ll do my best. XD
To the rest of you, thanks for participating. ^^ And Twit? Thanks for posting that section from LotR. I was hoping someone would. XD
Congratulations again to the winners! Keep writin'. ;)

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  1. Always happy to oblige with a slice of Tolkien!